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Editorial Council


NIGMATULLINA Tanzilya Altafovna, Doctor of Political Science, Assistant Professor (Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies)

The author of 131 publications including 12 monographs, 16 educational books, 98 research articles, 2 of which in Scopus, 35 – in journals recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russia. (Hirsch index – 8).
The research results were evaluated at various levels of research-to-practice conferences as well as applied to the youth policy by the government authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Deputy chairperson

VELTS Rakhil Yakovlevna, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Assistant Professor (Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies)

The author of about 200 publications in linguistics, rhetoric and culture of speech, trade union movement, including 15 educational books (4 – recommended by The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bashkortostan) and dictionaries.

Members of the Editorial Board

BOLTENKOVA Lubov Fiodorovna, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)

Head of the Division of Legal Problems of Federalism and International Relations Office of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from April to September 1994. Prior to joining the Office of the Federation Council – Deputy Head of the Federal Research Center of the State Committee of the Russian Federation of Federal Affairs and Nationalities.She is Member of the Presidium of the Assembly of Peoples of Russia.
She has about 200 publications of scientific articles, the author of 18 teaching aids.
Her professional interests are law, political science, history.
She was awarded two medals.

VALEEV Haidar Arslanovich, Doctor of Political Science, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, (Central Election Commission of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

The author of more than 40 publications on issues of public service as social and political institution of the federal Russiaincluding 4 monographs, 14 scientific publications in lead peer-reviewed journals, instructional research.
The Chairman of Central Election Committee in the Republic of Bashkortostan since 2011. Actively participates in developing and adopting of innovative technology in the field of election law.

DAVLATOV Kudrat Kambarovich, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor (Financial and Economic Institute of Tajikistan)

He is the developer of the conceptual foundations for the formation and development of cooperation and integration relations in the agrarian and industrial complex of the Republic of Tajikistan. The range of scientific interests also includes research on the problems of the development of public-private partnership in the Republic of Tajikistan, the formation of a “green economy”. Under his scientific guidance, 4 candidates were protected and one doctoral dissertation was prepared. Rector Financial and Economic Institute of Tajikistan.

ZAYNASHEVA Zarima Gafarovna, Doctor of Economics, Professor (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University)

She participated in the development of the Concept of development of public service of the Republic of Bashkortostan; Concept of Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Bashkortostan till 2015 year; Concept of development of small business in the Republic of Bashkortostan for 2006–2010.
Supervisor of dissertation research.
Author of 10 monographs.

ISMAGILOV Nail Amirkhanovich, Doctor of Economics (Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies)

The author of more than 200 research papers. The scientific work is dedicated to the research in the field of theory of value. The scholar determined the dependence of the measure of value on the momentum density of the money stock, developed the scientific basis of management structure using the theory of groups.

KURMANOV Albert Safuatovich, Doctor of Juridical Sciences (Bashkir Academy of Public Service and Managementat the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

The author of 3 monographs and a textbook on criminal law. The research results were approbated at international and Russian conferences as well as by practical activities as a lawyer.

LYANCHYE Margarita Leonidovna, Assistant Professor, Candidate of Political Science, Academic Board Chairperson for FPMI, the Head of the Politology and Law Department (Research and Development Institute for Project Management and Investments, Hannover, Germany)

The author of 66 research and 43 academic papers, about 10 educational books.
Was awarded a honorary certificate for the 2nd place in nomination “Educational Book (recommended by GSED) at the awards “the Best Educational Edition of Moscow State University of Printing Arts”, a honorary certificate of The Rectorial Board of Higher Educational Establishments, Northern Administrative District of Moscow for the great individual contribution to the higher professional education development in the line of “Environmental Engineering and Water Conservation” and training experts for businesses and organizations of Moscow; a Medal for Merit for the University (Moscow State University of Printing Arts).

LYAPUNTSOVA Elena Vyacheslavovna, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Association of High School Teachers, advisor of member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federal Assembly, Committee on Social Policy (Bauman Moscow State Technical University)

Chairman of the Coordination Council of “League of high school teachers”, a member of the Federation Council advisor to the Russian Federal Assembly, the committee on social policy.
Head of the Working Group on WTO issues.
She is a specialist of computer science and information and semiotic theory of information.
The author of 62 scientific works, including 2 inventor’s certificates.
In 1998 he won the All-Russian contest “Professional success-98” is the first place in the category “Science and Technology”, the contest results were published in several publishing houses, including “Cosmopolitan” magazine.

MALIKOV Boris Zufarovich, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor (Ufa Institute of Law of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation)

The author of 7 monographs, 3 educational books, more than 150 research papers on issues of the criminal law, criminology and Criminal Executive Law.
Was the dissertation advisor of 4 candidates of legal sciences, serves regularly as official opponent at thesis defences.

MATVEYEVA Lyubov Dmitrievna, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (Ufa State University of Economics and Service)

Thе author of about 100 publications. The research is dedicated to the issues of historiography of nation building and history of Russian entrepreneurship.

MEDVEDEV Nikolay Pavlovich, Doctor of Political Science, Professor (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)

One of the top-ranked experts and developers of the new research area in political science – Political Regional Studies and Ethnopolitics. Under his management the scientific school “Political Regional studies and Ethnopolitics” was formed, as part of which 3 Doctors of Political Sciences and 30 Candidate of Political Sciences, 1 Candidate of Juridical Sciences and 1 Candidate of Historical Sciences defended their dissertations.
Since 2007 the learned collected book is published annually “The writings of the Medvedev N.P. scientific school”.
On repeated occasions partook and made reports on modern development concept of Russian  federalism and issues of ethnopolitical stability at international academic conferences and panels at the universities and parliamentarian centres of USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan.
Member of the Dissertation Committees on Political Science: D. 501.001.47 (Lomonosov Moscow State University), D. 212.203.20 (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia).
The author of more than 150 academic papers including a textbook, study guides, monographs and research articles in lead  Russian and foreign publications.

MIKHAYLOVA Natalia Vyacheslavovna, Doctor of Political Science (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia)

The author of about 100 scientific papers on nationalities and federative policies in Russia. Among them are monographs, educational books and academic papers in  journals reviewed by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russia. The academic advisor on one defended doctorate thesis.

MURATSHIN Flarit Rashitovich, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Assistant Professor (Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies)

The author of more than 100 academic papers including 4 monographs on issues of agricultural legislation development, constitution development, constitutional control in subjects of the Russian Federation.
In 2015 was awarded a medal “150 since judicial reform in Russia”.
Research advisor of 6 postgraduates and one defended candidate dissertation

NAZAROVA Ulyana Anatolievna, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor (Bashkir State University)

Excellence in Education of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Head at the Department of Sociology of Labor and Entrepreneurship Economics, BashSU, business coach and HR consultant.

NIGMATULLIN Rishat Vahidovich, of Juridical Sciences, Professor (Ufa Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation)

Honored Lawyer of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Honorary Officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Under his leadership, 2 candidate dissertations are defended and 8 theses for the degree of candidate of legal sciences are being prepared.
Participated in the drafting of the Federal Law “Participation of citizens of the Russian Federation in the protection of public order”, the draft Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation determining the procedure for calculating pensions to law enforcement officers.
He is a member of the Central Board of the Russian Association for the UN, а member of the Board of the Bashkortostan branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, а member of the Russian Association of International Law, a member of the Russian Academy of Juridical Sciences.
The author of more than 140 scientific papers, including 7 monographs, 8 tutorials.

RAHMATULLINA Zugura Yaganurovna, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor (State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation)

The author of about 400 scientific and academic writings including about 20 scientific monographs and educational books on issues of philosophy of culture and education.
Active Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
A receiver of honorary title “Honoured Scientist of the Republic of Bashkortostan”.

SMETANINA Olga Nikolaevna, Doctor of Technical Sciences (Ufa State Aviation Technical University)

The author of more than 200 publications, among them are:educational books, monographs and preprints of monographs, articles in reviewed journals, certificates of registration of software and databases, articles in international conference books (Hirsch index – 5).
The Principal Investigator on a number of research papers on development of information management systems for airborne vehicles of various applications in cooperation with Academician Pilyugin Center (Moscow). A number of studies related to data support of education management are sponsored by Ministry of Education and Science, and Russian Fundamental Research Fund Grants. A number of publications are relevant to management problems and information technologies applied to economic units; contracted by State Research Institute of System Analysis of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation (Moscow)
Consultant of 4 postgraduates, Research Advisor of 3 postgraduates, 2 postgraduates are prepared for defence of their theses.
Experienced grant and project manager of: Russian Fundamental Research Fund Grants – 13-07-00273-а;grants 14-07-20306-г, 15-07-20923-г., Expert of two academic funds: Russian Fundamental Research Fund Grants, Russian Science Foundation.
Member of Academic Board of Russian Academy of Sciences on methodology of artificial intelligence, Bashkortostan Division.

TERNOVAYA Lyudmila Olegovna, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (Moscow Institute of Road Traffic)

The author of more than 500 publications on issues of world community development and world history of total volume of 600 printer’s sheets,including textbooks – “Geopolitics’ and “Globalization (as part of authoring team), 40 monographs and educational books, 130 articles in lead reviewed journals.
Scientific consultant of 6 Doctors and 49 Candidates of Science.

TURIN Sergey Borisovich, Doctor of Economics, Professor (the Academy of Labour and Social Relations Branch in Yaroslavl)

 Designer of national economic systems development concept based on educed characteristics of economic relationships in mega-economic system.

SHAYAKHMETOV Ulfat Shaykhizamanovich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor (Bashkir State Pedagogical University)

The author of more than 100 publications including monographs, academic papers in journals reviewed by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Russia, as well as invention patents in the area of composition material technology

SCHMIDT William Vladimirovich, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)

Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies, ethnocultural and regional studies of the Orthodox Institute of St. John the Divine the Evangelist Russian Orthodox University.
Advisor of the Russian Federation of 1 class.
A member of the dissertation council.

  • Member of religious expertise of the Office of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Moscow region;
  • Member of the Management Board of the Association of Russian Religious centers;
  • Member of the Coordinating Council of the CIS countries and the Baltic States on the theory and practice of religion;
  • Member of the Commission on the improvement of legislation and law enforcement practice of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation in international relations;
  • Member of the Working Group on the establishment and functioning of the dissertation councils for the theology of the Council on Theological Education of the Moscow City Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church;
  • Нead of the international scientific-publishing project “Anthology of Russian religious”;
  • Head of research and cultural and educational projects of the Russian Orthodox University.


  • 2010 — Honorary Research Associate of the Department of Religious Philosophy Institute. GS Pans National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • 2010 — gratitude on Education and Science of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation;
  • 2012 — The jubilee medal of the Russian Orthodox Church, “In memory of the 200th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812”;

The author of 2 monographs, about 30 of archaeological materials, about 20 training manuals, about 100 scientific articles, about 50 publications and statements in the media.

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