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The Requirements to the Articles

The requirements to the articles sent to
“Vestnik BIST (Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies)”

  1. The amount of full pages should not exceed 15 and be less than 5 pages. The article should be in accordance with the following requirements:
  • MS Word documents in 14 pt size Times New Roman, the interval spacing is 1.5;
  • page settings: left margin – 3 cm, top, bottom edges – 2 cm, right margin – 1.5 cm;
  • indent is 1.25 cm and set automatically. Attention! Paragraph formatting by means of tabulator or space keys is not allowed;
  • portrait layout of the page;
  • full justification;
  • endnotes;
  • page numbers are on the bottom right including the 1st page. Attention! Do not use the footer for page numbering.
  1. Type codes and acronyms should be written out at first reference in the texts.
  2. The tables should be set in Microsoft Word Attention! Scanned and inserted as a picture tables are not accepted.
  3. Diagrams, charts, pictures, schematics, photographs and other graphics objects should be numbered and added as separate *.jpg or *.tif files in black and white, resolution is not less than 300 dpi. The captions are placed in the texts where the graphics objects is to be situated. The graphics objects should not exceed the print boundaries, allow modifications and dimensional change. The lines of the diagrams and pictures on file are to be arranged into groups.
  4. Formulas are to be in default formula editor.
  5. Use the author’s surname to name the file (for example, “Ivanov.doc”); The graphics objects are named according to the number of the picture, table, etc. (for example, “picture 1.jpg’, “table 3.doc’).
  6. Bibliographic reference list is given in alphabetic order following the main body of the article (authors and titles). The list of the reference in Cyrillic characters (Russian, Bulgarian, etc.) should be separated from the references in Latin characters (English, French, German, etc.).
    The list should contain no more than 15 sources, including no more than 3 references to the publications of the authors of the article and their co-authors in order to avoid an unfair increase in the authors’ bibliometric indicators.
  7. References within the text are to be given in square brackets.
  8. The following information should be enclosed in the Russian and English languages:
  • The article title.
  • Authors credentials: Full surname, name and patronymic name (English variant should be in accordance with international passport), science degree, academic title, honorary degrees and titles, place of work and job title, e-mail address.
  • Annotation is to be 100–200 words. Annotation includes subject and object of the research; purpose and objectives of research; brief conclusion, novelty.
  • Key words (no less than 10 word or phrases).
  1. Publication is royalty free.
  2. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information, the accuracy of citations and references to official documents and other sources, quotations as well as absence of data unliable for publication in public media.
  3. The editors office reserves the right to edit the articles without alteration of the scientific content.
  4. The articles inconsistent with aforementioned requirements will not be published as per editorial board decision, the manuscripts will not be returned.
  5. For timely preparation of the materials it is necessary to fill in and send the hard and electronic copies of a registration card containing the following:
Surname, patronymic name
Place of work, job title
(including the name of department
or chair, division, laboratory)
Science degree, academic title
(if available)
The full title of the article
The academic field of the article
E-mail address (obligatory)
Contact telephone number
(including ZIP code; obligatory)
I guarantee that the article was not
published before as well as will not
be presented to any other journal

Download a registration card (MS Word)

Attention. The republication of the materials published in the journal is permitted with the express written agreement of the editors office.

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