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Editorial Ethics

The publishing ethics is the set of rules of conduct of the editorial staff in relation to each other, reviewers and authors on the issues connected with publishing scientific materials in the Journal.

The editorial boards of the Journal “Vestnik BIST (Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies )” observe the publishing ethics and maintain integrity in processing materials.

All disputable cases concerning the mentioned obligations are contemplated by the Editor-in-Chief or Vice Editor-in-Chief.

The editorial staff are obliged:

Under no conditions to voluntarily change the author’s text; after editing to reconcile the final variant with the author.

To treat the author and their work respectfully, to penetrate into their ideas, requirements and wishes, to support their creative work and scientific search, not to dictate any conditions to the author.

To communicate with the authors in amiable and proper manner.

Not to allow any preferences to the authors due to their race, gender and other circumstances which do not refer to the reliability of the submitted materials and scientific value of the work.

Not to allow publication of works with sufficient evidence of containing plagiarism, or lacking scientific value, or not relevant to the Journal remit and the declared publishing policy.

To provide participation of unbiased competent reviewers.

To keep the editorial privacy, not to reveal without the author’s written consent the procedure of working at the article and its content, not to submit it for reading by anyone, except the reviewers, without the author’s permission.

To guaranty that the names and e-mail addresses given on the web-site of the Journal will be used solely for purposes specified by the Journal and will not be used for any other purposes or provided to a third party.

The reviewers are obliged:

To treat the reviewed manuscript as a confidential document, not to submit it to other persons.

To give unbiased and argumentative evaluation of the research results.

Not to use the data from the manuscripts.

To inform the editorial board in case of reviewing refusal of an article due to external circumstances.

The authors are obliged:

To submit the manuscripts in accordance with requirements of the editorial board applicable to the article layout.

To realize that they are primarily responsible for the novelty and reliability of the research results.

To guaranty the novelty and reliability of the research results, to bar the knowingly erroneous and false statements.

To provide the originality of the research results, to properly quote the used materials of other authors.

To take into account all works which are relevant to the carried out research, and provide references to them.

To include as co-authors all persons who sufficiently contributed to carrying out the research, and to exclude those who did not make such a contribution.

Not to allow excess citation and plagiarism in any forms.

To guarantee that the article is published for the first time and was not previously published or submitted to another journal.

To inform the editorial board about essential errors or flaws in the article at the stage of its reviewing.

Retraction policy:

If the Author finds significant errors or inaccuracies in the publication, he must immediately inform the Editor of the journal or the Publisher in writing about this and take appropriate measures to correct errors or withdraw (retraction) the publication. If the Editor or Publisher has received information from a third party that the publication contains material errors, the Author is obliged to remove (retrace) the work or correct errors as soon as possible.

In cases of revealing the facts of plagiarism, multiple publications of the article in other publications, falsifications or fabrications and other violations by the authors of publication ethics, the Publishing House reserves the right to take the following actions:

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