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No. 1 (50) / 2021


Psareva N.
Development strategy for the pharmaceutical and medical industry: results of the implementation

Pp. 7–13    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-7-13

Pavlova I.
Features of management methodology for assessing the effectiveness of state programs of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Pp. 14–20    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-14-20

Bukova A.
Regional marketing as a tool for the socio-economic policy of the region

Pp. 21–28    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-21-28

Zhilina E., Nikitina A., Mukhamedyanova A.
Directions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia taking into account foreign experience

Pp. 29–37    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-29-37

Buranbaeva L., Musina G., Sabirova Z.
Village cooperation: current state and development prospects

Pp. 38–44    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-38-44


Psareva N., Shinkevich M.
Technologies for managing the supply chain of petrochemical products in the context of digitalization

Pp. 45–51    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-45-51

Zainasheva Z., Khuramshina E., Zagitova I.
Digitalization as a new vector of state control development

Pp. 52–58    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-52-58

Bystrov A., Zagitova L.
Methodology for assessing the general competence of graduates of educational institutions

Pp. 59–68    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-59-68


Iksanov R., Vladimirov I.
Legal regulation of measures for the use and protection of forests

Pp. 69–73    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-69-73

Nikitina A., Zhilina E., Fazletdinova Z.
Features of management business activities based on a patent in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Pp. 74–80    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-74-80

Iksanov R., Muratova A. I.
Syntaxic difficulty problem texts of normative legal acts in the sphere of economic activities

Pp. 81–85    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-81-85


Buranbaeva L., Sabirova Z., Yuldybaev B.
Healthcare expenditures in Russia and a programmatic approach to their financing

Pp. 86–92    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-86-92

Kobozeva D.
Pensioners in the labor market: secondary analysis of a sociological research of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion

Pp. 93–98    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-1-50-93-98

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