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No. 3 (52) / 2021


Gallyamov R., Kuchumov I.
Evolution of ethnic identity in multinational russian republics as evaluated by foreign political scientists: from “sovietness” to post-soviet development (on the example of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Buryatia)

Pp. 7–15    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-7-15

Lyakhovenko O., Bakina M., Panchenko N.
The ecological agenda in the programs of political parties in the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in 2021

Pp. 16–26    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-16-26

Mukhametzyanova-Duggal R., Mukhamadeeva R.
Views about the role of religion in the social life of believers of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Pp. 27–32    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-27-32

Nigmatullina T., Velts R.
Education of a culture of thinking and civic consciousness of the younger generation as countering extremism and terrorism

Pp. 33–39    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-33-39


Gaifullina M., Gallyamov I.
STEEP-analysis of the strategic competitiveness of an oil company in the oil refining segment (on the example of Bashneft Joint-Stock Oil Company PJSC)

Pp. 40–48    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-40-48

Buranbaeva L., Gilmutdinova R., Dubinina E., Zhilina E.
The role of personal auxiliary farms in ensuring food security in the conditions of consumer cooperation development

Pp. 49–57    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-49-57

Vladimirov I., Iksanov R.
Problems of the legal regime of transport lands in the Russian Federation

Pp. 58–61    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-58-61


Nigmatullina T.
Labor market and demography in a pandemic: time challenges (on the example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

Pp. 62–68    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-62-68

Gallyamov R., Kunsbayev S.
Inclusive education in views of experts: regional aspects (based on the materials of a sociological survey)

Pp. 69–74    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-69-74

Buranbaeva L., Zhilina E., Abramov N.
Telemedicine as a direction of development of the market of digital technologies in healthcare

Pp. 75–80    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-3-52-75-80

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