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No. 2 (51) / 2021


Kapelyuk S., Lishchuk E.
Impact of social and economic inequality in the regions of Russia on electoral behavior

Pp. 7–16    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-7-16

Rybkina O.
«New» parties in the elections in the Russian Federation

Pp. 17–20    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-17-20

Emelyanov S.
Transformation of the oligarchy in the modern world

Pp. 21–24    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-21-24

Fatikhov R.
Political will as a basis for the formation of a legal state during Mikhail Gorbachev`s management period

Pp. 25–31    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-25-31


Fomenkov A., Byvaltsev M.
“Memory policy” as an integral part of western identity

Pp. 32–36    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-32-36

Mammadov R.
The role of Azerbaijan participation in the formation of the Trans-Caspian Transport Corridor

Pp. 37–45    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-37-45

Ismayilov V.
Legal bases of modernization in the state administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Pp. 46–52    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-46-52

Berezyuk D., Klyashtorin A.
The evolution of the institution of the presidency in the post-soviet republics of Transcaucasia and Central Asia

Pp. 53–61    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-53-61


Muratshin F.
The institute of paid nature management in modern Russia: formation, state and prospects

Pp. 62–68    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-62-68

Iksanov R., Vladimirov I.
Problems of legal regulation of measures for the use and protection of forests

Pp. 69–74    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-69-74

Shinkevich A., Yakunina R.
Modern systems of monitoring the human capital assessment level in the high-tech sector

Pp. 75–81    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-75-81

Samigullina A., Gataullin M.
Functional cost analysis: application in the solution of organizational and management problems

Pp. 82–90    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-82-90


Kamynina N., Aksenova E.
Some aspects of medical and social services for senior citizens in the living conditions in a boarding house for the elderly and disabled

Pp. 91–97    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-91-97

Ananchenkova P.
Some aspects of problematization of interaction between editors of scientific journals and authors of articles in the publication process

Pp. 98–104    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-2-51-98-104

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