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No. 4 (57) / 2022


V. N. Alipa
Modern education for the modern world: integration processes and an integral approach

Pp. 7–12   PDF   Abstract

P. I. Ananchenkova
Corporate training market: trends, statistics, development prospects

Pp. 13–19   PDF   Abstract

E. G. Karpova
Digitalization of higher education in the context of globalization processes

Pp. 20–28   PDF   Abstract

I. F. Karshanov
Issues of practice-oriented training in the system of secondary vocational education for the enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the region

Pp. 29–34   PDF   Abstract

S. Z. Kunsbaev
Digitalization and inclusion in the system of modern educational policy

Pp. 35–41   PDF   Abstract

V. V. Tonkonog, P. I. Ananchenkova
The impact of corporate employee training and development programs on the company’s efficiency

Pp. 42–49   PDF   Abstract


N. A. Gareeva, A. I. Romanova
Forecasting the innovative development of leading regions of the volga federal district using a synergetic model

Pp. 50–63   PDF   Abstract

E. S. Molchanova, P. P. Godlevskiy
Analysis of the creation of a regional reserve of financial and material resources for emergency response

Pp. 64–72   PDF   Abstract

E. V. Kabashova
The Republic of Bashkortostan in the background of wage inequality in the Russian Federation

Pp. 73–81   PDF   Abstract

N. S. Ogurtsova
Trends in the development of the SPA and wellness industry in Russia

Pp. 82–87   PDF   Abstract


F. R. kyzy Alieva
Conceptual and institutional foundations of the migration policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Pp. 88–94   PDF   Abstract

I. M. Gabdrafikov, L. G. Khusnutdinova
International relations in modern Russia: view of the student youth of Bashkortostan

Pp. 95–102   PDF   Abstract

R. R. Gallyamov, S. M. Emelin, F. G. Safin
Religious identity of the inhabitants of a multiethnic russian region at the present stage: trends of development (based on the materials of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

Pp. 103–111   PDF   Abstract

Z. G. Zaynasheva, L. R. Zagitova, E. R. Khuramshina
Government’s family policy  in modern Russia

Pp. 112–119   PDF   Abstract

T. A. Nigmatullina, L. O. Ternovaya
Historical, geopolitical and ethnopsychological features of the formation of the cossacks of Donbass

Pp. 120–126   PDF   Abstract

D. A. Chertoroev
Methods of state management of the information component of the Internet: analysis of modern approaches

Pp. 127–132   PDF   Abstract


I. A. Vladimirov, R. A. Iksanov
Directions of legislative regulation of activities on creation and organization of geoparks

Pp. 133–136   PDF   Abstract

A. F. Samigullina
Main types of interaction between internal affairs bodies with state and non-state organizations while ensuring law and order

Pp. 137–141   PDF   Abstract

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