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No. 2 (55) / 2022


L. A. Ismagilova, L. V. Sitnikova
Financial sustainability as an indicative tool for assessing the synergic efficiency of integration

Pp. 9–15    PDF    Abstract

T. B. Lejbert, D. S. Kovyazin
Impact of innovation on sustainability

Pp. 16–19    PDF    Abstract

S. Ya. Malyshev
Subjects of the information confidentiality regime when securing a trade secret

Pp. 20–26    PDF    Abstract

S. V. Panasenko, N. M. Suray, A. F. Nikishin, G. V. Korneva
Domestic marketplace: current state and development prospects

Pp. 27–36    PDF    Abstract

T. Yu. Pashko, E. V. Tyshko
The future of the russian hospitality industry in the «economy of impressions»

Pp. 37–45    PDF    Abstract

N. Yu. Psareva, T.-Ch. R. Mukhtarova
Features of the activity of the management company of the industrial park

Pp. 46–54    PDF    Abstract

N. Е. Popov
Results of the cenological graph modeling of the production program of chemical products

Pp. 55–63    PDF    Abstract

E. N. Yastrebova, A. V. Dosugova
Economic foundations of social entrepreneurship

Pp. 64–70    PDF    Abstract

E. N. Yastrebova, A. V. Dosugova, E. Kh. Eneeva
The impact of corporate ethics on the quality of services provided by hospitality industry enterprises

Pp. 71–76    PDF    Abstract


Z. N. Idrisova, A. T. Sitdikov
Toolkit for assessing and increasing the efficiency of oil and gas enterprises

Pp. 77–86    PDF    Abstract

E. A. Khalikova, A. E. Shaluhina
Implementation of the scenario approach in the business planning of an oil company

Pp. 87–93    PDF    Abstract

E. А. Khalikova, L. М. Usmanova
Financial and economic justification of the project for the construction of a small-tonnage complex liquefied natural gas

Pp. 94–104    PDF    Abstract


M. G. Kudinova, N. A. Shevchuk, I. I. Shigapov, G. V. Korneva
“Green economy” and organic agriculture as a way to solve environmental and social problems of the Altai territory

Pp. 105–114    PDF    Abstract

I. A. Khisamutdinov, G. G. Karachurina, Yu. V. Khodkovskaya
The formation of a new paradigm of ecological and economic interaction: sustainable development and the energy factor

Pp. 115–122    PDF    Abstract


A. G. Ilmushkin, M. M. Minshin
Criteria and evaluation characteristics of the formation of management competence of agricultural university students

Pp. 123–127    PDF    Abstract

G. V. Morozova, A. A. Dilmukhametova
Mechanisms for ensuring the accessibility of higher education in the Russian Federation

Pp. 128–135    PDF    Abstract

S. V. Novikov
Research institute 2.0 Of The innovative university: integration for industrial development

Pp. 136–142    PDF    Abstract


I. V. Degtyareva, E. R. Mamleeva, N. V. Trofimova, M. Yu. Sazykina
Analysis of labor productivity in the construction sector in the regions of the Volga federal district

Pp. 143–153    PDF    Abstract

L. A. Ismagilova, E. D. Arylbaeva
Labor productivity management: cognitive models of contradictions

Pp. 154–161    PDF    Abstract

T. Yu. Pashko, E. V. Tyshko
Competitiveness of new generations in the modern labour market: economic aspect

Pp. 162–169    PDF    Abstract


I. V. Degtyareva, S. A. Lartseva, O. I. Shalina
Assessment of the fiscal effectiveness of property taxes on individuals in Russia

Pp. 170–177    PDF    Abstract


S. Mamedov
State policy in the field of ensuring sustainable development on the example of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Pp. 178–183    PDF    Abstract

O. S. Rybkina
About competitive experience in the election of the highest official subject of the Russian Federation

Pp. 184–188    PDF    Abstract

K. G. Sokolovskiy
State-confessional relations within the context of the expansion of religion in the internet space: new opportunities, new challenges

Pp. 189–195    PDF    Abstract

K. V. Fadeev, I. A. Borisova
Politological science analysis of the implementation of the information policy of the Russian state in modern foreign policy conditions

Pp. 196–200    PDF    Abstract

A. A. Fomenkov
Culture of cancellation in modern Russia: political aspects

Pp. 201–205    PDF    Abstract

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