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No. 3 (56) / 2022


R. R. Gallyamov, I. V. Kuchumov
The concept of “state-forming people” in modern Russian political science

Pp. 7–14    PDF    Abstract

R. R. Gallyamov, R. T. Farkhtdinov
Urbanization as a factor of ethno-linguistic behavior оf non-russian peoples in multinational regions of Russia (by the example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

Pp. 15–24    PDF    Abstract

L. O. Ternovaya
To the origins of the psychology of hybrid wars: covert operations and the geopolitical meaning of their food name

Pp. 25–31    PDF    Abstract

T. A. Mironova, L. O. Ternovaya
Stages of formation of students’ communicative culture in the “Bologna” dimension

Pp. 32–41    PDF    Abstract

E. N. Yamalova, N. A. Evdokimov
Modern models of regional management: main trends

Pp. 42–47    PDF    Abstract


L. Z. Buranbaeva, A. F. Garifullina, E. V. Zhilina
Public-private partnership in the system of regional management

Pp. 48–53    PDF    Abstract

Z. N. Idrisova, A. T. Sitdikov
Efficiency of oil and gas enterprises in the category aspect

Pp. 54–62    PDF    Abstract

Z. N. Idrisova, A. T. Sitdikov
Toolkit for assessing and increasing the efficiency оf oil and gas enterprises

Pp. 63–71    PDF    Abstract

Y. V. Khodkovskaya, G. G. Karachurina, A. E. Gilyazova
Regional management of sustainable ecosystem development

Pp. 72–77    PDF    Abstract


I. A. Vladimirov, R. A. Iksanov
Issues of legal support of the development of geological diversity in geoparks

Pp. 78–81    PDF    Abstract

I. A. Vladimirov, R. A. Iksanov
Features of the legal regime of geoparks in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Pp. 82–86    PDF    Abstract

N. A. Gareeva, A. A. Gareev
The impact of corruption offenses on the economic activity of a business subject

Pp. 87–93    PDF    Abstract


T. Yu. Pashko, A. M. Bashiev
Organizational and economic aspects of social protection in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic in 2020–2021

Pp. 94–101    PDF    Abstract

A. V. Radonova
The genesis of regulatory regulation of social support for Russians at the end of the twentieth century

Pp. 102–109    PDF    Abstract

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