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No. 4 (53) / 2021


Krivcov A. I.
Informal employment as a form of social and labor relations

Pp. 7–13    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-7-13

Mudarisov R. Z., Farkhtdinov R. T.
The use of child’s and women’s labor as a source of replenishment of labor in the mining plants of the Urals at an early stage of the genesis of capitalism

Pp. 14–19    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-14-19

Safin F. G., Ishemgulov M. N., Kulsharipov F. R.
Labor motivations of the population of Bashkortostan in a market economy (according to ethnosociological surveys)

Pp. 20–27    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-20-27

Kublanov A. M.
Social well-being and human capital: interdependence and mutual influence

Pp. 28–33    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-28-33

Protasova E. A.
Improving the system of taxation for self-employment in Russia

Pp. 34–42    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-34-42

Kalyakulin R. V.
Sectoral forms of regulation of social and labor relations: regional aspect

Pp. 43–51    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-43-51


Milovanovitch M.
Blockchain in public education: cryptocolonialism, shadow privatization and prospects for improving education

Pp. 52–55    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-52-55

Ananchenkova P. I., Shapiro S. A.
Professional competencies of a high school teacher in the era of digitalization

Pp. 56–61    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-56-61

Gallyamov R. R., Kuznetsova Yu. A.
Methodological basis of modeling innovative processes of socio-economic development at the present stage

Pp. 62–67    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-62-67

Sabirova I. A.
The impact of innovative technologies on the efficiency of railway system management

Pp. 68–75    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-68-75


Gareeva N. A., Gareev A. A.
Problematic aspects of in heritance of intellectual property rights to various works of science, literature and art

Pp. 76–83    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-76-83


Miletsky V. P., Pisareva A. N.
Social networks as a modern channel of political communications: comparative content analysis of publications in russian and foreign scientific magazines (2020–2021)

Pp. 84–92    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-84-92

Otrokov O. Iu.
Socio-political activism of of russian youth in the conditions of the information society

Pp. 93–100    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-93-100

Gabdrafikov I. M., Glukhovtsev V. O.
Features of the formation of civic identity in the polyethnic region of Russia (on the example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

Pp. 101–107    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-101-107

Vashalomidze E. V.
Corruption as a form of unprofessionalism of public administration specialists (review of foreign literature)

Pp. 108–113    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-108-113

Mironova T. A.
The ecological component of political communication of modern students

Pp. 114–124    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-114-124


Gallyamov R. R., Kuchumov I. V.
French researcher Frederic le Play as the founder of sociology of bashkir race

Pp. 125–132    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-125-132

Safin F. G., Ishemgulov M. N., Kamaletdinov D. A.
Social mood and adaptation of ethnic groups to the market economy (according to ethnosociological surveys in Bashkortostan)

Pp. 133–139    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-133-139

Khaliulina A. I.
Ethnolanguage competence of the population of Bashkortostan in conditions of bilingualism (based on the results of ethnosociological studies)

Pp. 140–146    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-140-146

Khaliulina A. I., Idrisova E. F.
Language orientations of the population of Bashkortostan according to ethnosociological surveys

Pp. 147–153    PDF    Abstract    DOI: 10.47598/2078-9025-2021-4-53-147-153

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