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No. 1(58) / 2023


P. I. Ananchenkova, E. V. Moreeva, E. V. Dianina
Workforce development in the context of digitalization of social and labor relations

Pp. 9–15    PDF    Abstract

L. Z. Buranbaeva, Z. Z. Sabirova, E. A. Khunafina
Gastronomic tourism as a promising direction hospitality industry development

Pp. 16–22    PDF    Abstract

E. V. Zhilina, E. V. Dubinina, R. A. Gilmutdinova
Food security of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Pp. 23–27    PDF    Abstract

G. A. Musina, A. F. Akhmadiyeva, A. A. Atazhanova
Key trends of digitalization in the tourism industry

Pp. 28–34    PDF    Abstract

N. Yu. Psareva, I. V. Denisova
State regulation processes of import substitution and diversification in light industry

Pp. 35–41    PDF    Abstract

D. V. Kharitonov
Knowledge-intensive production in Russia: theoretical and methodological foundations of management

Pp. 42–48    PDF    Abstract

B. R. Yuldybaev, A. F. Garifullina, A. A. Atazhanova
Economic efficiency health care system of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Pp. 49–56    PDF    Abstract


L. Z. Buranbaeva, A. F. Garifullina, G. A. Musina
Mortgage lending market: results of 2022 and forecast for 2023 57

Pp. 57–63    PDF    Abstract

A. Yu. Pochitaev, N. A. Gareeva, O. D. Konstantinova
Analysis of the corporation strategy in the sphere of socially responsible investments using the matrix approach

Pp. 64–73    PDF    Abstract

E. A. Khalikova, O. V. Kadesnikova
Integrated model of corporate financial planning at oil and gas enterprises

Pp. 74–82    PDF    Abstract

R. R. Sharafullina, A. R. Gabitova, K. R. Kharisova
The issue of funding the health care system in emergency situations

Pp. 83–86    PDF    Abstract


I. A. Rumyantseva, M. B. Zhernakova, T. Yu. Krotenko
Study of the level and structure of motivation for studies of bachelor students in the directions of preparation “Management”, “Economy”

Pp. 87–94    PDF    Abstract

I. M. Khanova, A. A. Nikitina, E. V. Zhilina
Digital transformation of the higher education system

Pp. 95–100    PDF    Abstract


I. A. Vladimirov, R. A. Iksanov
Legal issues of determining the boundaries of real estate in foreign countries

Pp. 101–105   PDF   Abstract

I. A. Vladimirov, R. A. Iksanov, I. I. Akbarov
Sources of legal regulation of state registration of real estate

Pp. 106–110   PDF   Abstract

T. P. Lipai, I. G. Telegina, E. V. Moreeva
Legal and economic aspects of the development of employment of adolescents in the Arctic zone (on the example of Snezhnogorsk, Murmansk region)

Pp. 111–120   PDF   Abstract

K. A. Faizova
Legal regulation of the digitalization of tax control in the system of tax security

Pp. 121–125   PDF   Abstract

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