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No. 4(61) / 2023


A. F. Garifullina, T. A. Dautova, V. A. Kovshechnikova
Conflict of interest in public service: analysis of typical situations

Pp. 11–14    PDF   Abstract

A. A. kyzy Gyulumjanli
Singapore as an important participant international integration

Pp. 15–20    PDF    Abstract

O. I. Nedelchenko, Yu. B. Kozlova, I. V. Baykova
The mediatization of politics as an actual communication trend in the modern russian information field

Pp. 21–26    PDF    Abstract

T. A. Nigmatullina, L. O. Ternovaya
Contradictions and compatibility of social spaces and global flows

Pp. 27–35    PDF    Abstract

N. E. Shakurova
National security of Russia in the context of international security

Pp. 36–43    PDF    Abstract


A. R. Babayants, A. V. Zakharov
The role of the human factor in increasing the competitiveness of a company

Pp. 44–49    PDF    Abstract

S. A. Bazhenova, V. S. Goryachev
Some aspects of project management in the construction of medical hotel facilities

Pp. 50–57    PDF    Abstract

L. Z. Buranbaeva, Z. E. Sabirova
Rural medicine in the Republic of Bashkortostan: current state and development trends

Pp. 58–65    PDF    Abstract

A. F. Garifullina, Z. L. Sizonenko, E. N. Krainova
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the state of the economy: solutions and development prospects

Pp. 66–70    PDF    Abstract

A. V. Zhukovsky
Application of financial innovations in reinsurance protection systems: experience of developed countries and prospects for Russia

Pp. 71–76    PDF    Abstract

T. Yu. Krotenko, O. V. Lesnikova, M. I. Kanunikova
Service quality in the hospitality industry

Pp. 77–83    PDF    Abstract

O. N. Perezhogina
Methodological approaches to the formation of cost of services in hotels

Pp. 84–91    PDF    Abstract

K. V. Trushin
The impact of the management structure on the innovative capabilities of the organization

Pp. 92–97    PDF    Abstract


E. V. Kabashova
Inequality of quality of life indicators of the population in regions of the Volga federal district

Pp. 98–107    PDF    Abstract

E. V. Kabashova
Estimation of income inequality in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Pp. 108–117   PDF   Abstract

A. M. Kublanov
Quality of life and its subjective assessment: foreign literature review

Pp. 118–122   PDF   Abstract

E. A. Khunafina, A. F. Akhmadieva, A. A. Atazhanova
Demography and world food security

Pp. 123–129   PDF   Abstract


E. G. Kalabina, E. A. Shadrina
Opportunities and barriers to the development of platform employment of older age groups of the population (45 years and older) in the labor market

Pp. 130–140   PDF   Abstract

T. A. Nigmatullina
Humanization of labor in Russia: the role of trade unions

Pp. 141–147   PDF   Abstract


A. A. Arefeva
Structure and elements of the system of formation of professional competences, training, retraining and professional development of staff

Pp. 148–153   PDF   Abstract

A. A. Gataullina, A. K. Ildarkhanova, A. A. Zyabbarova
Development of a methodology for researching the effectiveness of agricultural universities management in the Russian Federation

Pp. 154–163   PDF   Abstract

A. N. Geletiy
Team work as an important component in the process of training in the educational organization of higher education

Pp. 164–167   PDF   Abstract

E. Yu. Kuzmina
Changing employee competencies to meet business needs

Pp. 168–171   PDF   Abstract

S. Z. Kunsbaev
The phenomenon of inclusive education: world experience of normative support

Pp. 172–178   PDF   Abstract

Z. M. Khasanov, A. I. Nizamova, N. V. Khasanova
Resource approach to the accumulation and distribution of the potential of the scientific organization staff

Pp. 179–183   PDF   Abstract


E. S. Baranova
Problems of determining the legal status of an embryo in modern law

Pp. 184–188   PDF   Abstract

B. Z. Malikov, R. R. Tazetdinov
Modern trends, problems of education and offenses prevention among minors and youth

Pp. 189–195   PDF   Abstract


R. R. Gallyamov
Islamic studies in modern Bashkortostan: main stages and directions of research

Pp. 196–205   PDF   Abstract

V. E. Polyakov
Bashkirs in the defense of Sevastopol in 1941–1942

Pp. 206–212   PDF   Abstract


R. R. Gallyamov
Book review for: Islam in Bashkortostan: an encyclopedic dictionary / team of authors; chief editor D. V. Mukhetdinov; editor-in-chief A. Y. Khabutdinov. Moscow: Publishing house “Medina”, 2023. 226 p.: il. (Islam in the Russian Federation)

Pp. 213–215   PDF   Abstract

I. V. Kuchumov
Book review for: Bashkiria and the Southern Urals in the literature of Russian emigration and its study: bibliographic index of literature for 1904–2023 / compiler L. V. Sataeva; ed. A. G. Salikhov. Ufa, 2023, 40 p.

Pp. 216–217   PDF   Abstract

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