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No. 2(59) / 2023


E. V. Zhilina, I. M. Khanova
Clustering of russian regions by consumption of basic foodstuffs

Pp. 9–15    PDF    Abstract

E. V. Zhilina, I. M. Khanova, E. V. Dubinina
The influence of the food balance of regions of the Russian Federation on food consumption norms

Pp. 16–24    PDF    Abstract

M. Yu. Katalkina, E. Yu. Kuzmina, A. V. Savchenko
Problems and prospects of using artificial intelligence technologies in management: AI service request

Pp. 25–34    PDF    Abstract

N. M. Kuznetsova
Program-planned regulation and practical implementation of anti-corruption measures by regional and local authorities

Pp. 35–43    PDF    Abstract

D. N. Mikryukov
Investigation of the influence of corporate culture on innovative development of enterprises in regions of Russia: empirical analysis and practical recommendations

Pp. 44–51    PDF    Abstract

N. Yu. Psareva, D. N. Kiselev
Value-oriented approach in the process of business digitalization

Pp. 52–57    PDF    Abstract

G. M. Sundukova, L. N. Derevyagina, N. V. Bobyleva
Digital format for conducting enterprise activities: problems and opportunities

Pp. 58–62    PDF    Abstract

V. V. Tonkonog, P. I. Ananchenkova, S. O. Khudyakov
Knowledge management in networking organizations: theoretical overview

Pp. 63–71    PDF    Abstract

T. B. Shramchenko, S. M. Sycheva, N. V. Bobyleva
To the issue of changes in management functions in a modern organization

Pp. 72–77    PDF    Abstract


Z. M. Bikmetova
The current state of fiscal federalism in Russia

Pp. 78–82    PDF    Abstract

D. V. Klyukina, F. K. Romanov
Prospects for the development of digital currency and crypto assets in Russia under sanctions

Pp. 83–88    PDF    Abstract

A. A. Nikitina, E. V. Dubinina, R. A. Gilmutdinova
Investment security of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Pp. 89–96    PDF    Abstract

E. A. Khalikova, R. R. Bayramov
Analysis of sources of business financing in modern economic conditions

Pp. 97–103    PDF    Abstract

E. A. Khalikova, O. V. Kadesnikova, D. F. Yakshibaev
Financial and legal aspects dividend policy of the company

Pp. 104–110   PDF   Abstract

T. N. Shashkova, L. Zh. Khabibullina
Accounts receivable and payable: current status, problems and management methods

Pp. 111–117   PDF   Abstract


A. A. Gorsky
The impact of corporate social responsibility on the stability of the company’s relationships with employees and consumers

Pp. 118–122   PDF   Abstract

M. Yu. Kuznetsov, O. S. Sokolov
Unemployment: types, causes, socio-economic consequences

Pp. 123–127   PDF   Abstract

P. Ja. Feldman, N. M. Nenin
Social partnership as a mechanism of forming a new social contract

Pp. 128–134   PDF   Abstract

E. N. Yastrebova, A. V. Dosugova
Development prospects of social entrepreneurship in Russia

Pp. 135–140   PDF   Abstract


E. S. Baranova, M. N. Rudman
Political and legal aspects of development international cooperation within the eurasian space

Pp. 141–147   PDF   Abstract

N. A. Gareeva, A. A. Gareev
Problems of qualification of mediation in commercial bribery

Pp. 148–153   PDF   Abstract


А. V. Bаlсhugоv, А. E. Belyаntsev, А. А. Fоmenkоv
To the issue of the attitude towards russian cultural figures classified as foreign agents

Pp. 154–159   PDF   Abstract

U. A. Bakhriev
Features of russian-tajik relations on the regulation of migration processes

Pp. 160–166   PDF   Abstract

A. Sh. kyzy Guliyeva
Public-private partnership policy in Azerbaijan Republic

Pp. 167–173   PDF   Abstract

M. L. Dow
The democratic process in West Africa in the XXI century

Pp. 174–180   PDF   Abstract

T. A. Nigmatullina, L. O. Ternovaya
Neo-mentality of “cancellation culture” VS traditional culture and values

Pp. 181–187   PDF   Abstract


R. A. Iksanov, R. K. Garipov, R. R. Ilyasov
Zeroing phenomenon as a modus of gamification

Pp. 188–191   PDF   Abstract

T. A. Nigmatullina, L. O. Ternovaya
Labyrinths of professional myth: the influence of underground images on mining mythology

Pp. 192–199   PDF   Abstract

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